642-885 Spadvroute: Deploying Cisco Sp Advanced Network Routing

The 642-885 SPADVROUTE, Applying Cisco SP Innovative System Redirecting examination examines a applicant’s knowledge to set up, confirm, and diagnose IPv4 and IPv6 advanced BGP settings, IP multicasting, and IPv6 conversion systems in Applying and assisting something provider network. This examination protects the Cisco IOS, IOS XE and IOS XR systems. Applicants can get ready for this examination by taking the Applying Cisco SP Innovative System Redirecting (SPADVROUTE) course.
The following subjects are common recommendations for the content likely to be involved on the examination. However, other related subjects may also appear on any specific distribution of the examination. In order to better indicate the material of the examination and for quality requirements, the recommendations below may change at any time without notice.
* BGP Redirecting Functions in a SP IP NGN Environment
* Explain the BGP routing procedures in IOS-XR
* Configure the BGP electronic timers on IOS-XR & IOS-XE
* Explain the need for BGP confederations in BGP transportation backbones
* Design & apply BGP path reflectors to range IBGP in BGP transportation backbones on IOS-XR & IOS-XE
* Apply BGP in SP IP NGN IOS-XR & IOS-XE PE routers to compliment multi-homed BGP Customers
* Apply Distant Activated Blackhole Filtration (RTBF) on IOS-XR & IOS-XE
* Apply BGP TTL protection on IOS-XR & IOS-XE
* Apply BGP maximum-prefix on IOS-XR & IOS-XE
* Apply BGP path dampening on IOS-XR & IOS-XE
* Troubleshoot BGP IOS-XR & IOS-XE settings mistakes operating provider environments
* Optimize BGP IOS-XR adjustments using af-groups, session-groups, & neighbor-groups
Optimize BGP IOS-XE adjustments using peer-groups
Multicast Redirecting in an SP IP NGN Environment
* Explain Multicast Principles (multicast submission plants, multicast routing techniques & IGMP operations)
* Explain Any-source multicast (ASM) compared to Resource Particular Multicast (SSM)
* Explain Intra Sector compared to Inter Sector Multicast Routing
* Explain the applying of multicast IP details to MAC addresses
* Explain & show you how RFP examine can fall short if the unicast & multicast topologies are non-congruent
* Explain multi protocol BGP features in mroute distribution
* Explain the concepts & features of PIM-SM
* Explain multicast source development method (MSDP) operations
* Explain techniques used to protected multicast
* Apply PIM-SM features on IOS-XR & IOS-XE
* Apply Auto-RP, PIMv2 BSR, Any cast RP on IOS-XR & IOS-XE
* Apply Bi-Dir PIM features in SP IP NGN atmosphere on IOS-XR & IOS-XE
* Apply SSM features on IOS-XR & IOS-XE
* Apply MSDP features on IOS-XR & IOS-XE
* Troubleshoot multicast routing IOS-XR & IOS-XE adjustments mistakes operating provider environments
IPv6 in an SP IP NGN Environment
* Explain DNS & DHCP function in IPv6
* Explain the areas that are used in the IPv6 headlines to compliment QoS functions
* Explain Cisco IOS/IOS-XE & IOS-XR IPv6 system control & problem solving resources like TraceRoute/ping
* Explain dual-stack Applications
* Explain IPv6 tunneling systems
* Configure IPv6 multicast redirecting
* Configure fixed IPv6-in-IPv4 channels on IOS-XR & IOS-XE
* Configure powerful 6to4 channels on IOS-XR & IOS-XE
High Accessibility Routing Features
* Apply NSF/NSR/Graceful Reboot for BGP on IOS-XR & IOS-XE
* Apply Bidirectional Sending Recognition (BFD) for BGP on IOS-XR & IOS-XE
* Apply great availability & SEO multicast redirecting features on IOS-XR & IOS-XE

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